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The new rotary drilling tool developed by SIP&T represents an innovation in the field of large vertical piling. It is a new generation auger, completely re-designed and manufactured in order to offer higher drilling performance in very hard rock strata.
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The experience gained in over 25 years of activity allows the Italian manufacturer to stand out in the production of rotary tools. Its wide product range includes stop-end-element to satisfy companies needs operating in the field of special foundations for the construction of diaphragms walls
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Italiano e Inglese - L’innovativo AUTO CDA all’opera in un cantiere tedesco. SIP & T continua instancabile la sua opera di rafforzamento sul mercato tedesco grazie al prezioso sostegno del suo dealer BBD Spezialtiefbau und Baumaschinen Vertriebs GmbH.
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The booming synergy between SIP&T, the innovative supplier of rotary drilling tools, and the American company Hammer & Steel involved in rental & sale piling rigs and equipment of German brand Delmag, is moving forward in the best way.
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This new bridge - that will be opened to traffic in December 2017, is one of largest civil engineering projects in Canada has a value of $ 32 million - will solve all traffic problems arising from property development of the past decade of the surrounding Shannon north of Quebec City
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After its successful premiere edition of the two years ago, the construction equipment trade fair Bauma Conexpo Africa has opened its doors once again from 15 to 18 September 2015 in Johannesburg.
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High bearing capacity is one of the most required values among the civil engineers during the design of construction works. If combined with a high executive speed, zero vibrations and absence of excavated material, FDP becomes precious added value
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Gli elevati valori di capacità portante per i pali sono tra le richieste prestazionali più ambite da parte dei progettisti di opere di ingegneria. Se unite ad una velocità esecutiva elevata, all’assenza di vibrazioni, all’assenza di materiale di scavo, l’FDP acquisisce un valore aggiunto molto prezioso.
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Last August, the employees of the Company based in Campania and specialises in the design and manufacture of vertical drilling tools with large diameter celebrated an important milestone: the production at the Baronissi manufacturing plant of the 1,000th Kelly bar.
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