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ISO 9001:2015
More than 100 nations in the trade network
Environmental care
516.736 Kg of Co2 avoided in 2020

The Company

Work is not the only value


SIP&T designs, produces and  sells kelly bars and rotary drilling tools for the vertical foundation.   

Our products are used for infrastructural works, civil engineering works, motorways, bridges, viaducts, dams, tunnels and for the reinforcement of soil. They are worldwide distributed to fulfill the requirements of the most challenging job sites in the world.

Established in 1996, SIP&T offers to its customers reliable products, made of significant technological know-how and high quality materials.

Our expert team is able to successfully realize projects of any size and complexity with the aim to collaborate in the transformation of great visions into realizable projects.

Real Factory’s Story

Differentiation, innovation, process efficiency, organizational development are our medium and long-term goals.

The heart of SIP&T is made by the people that there have always been and have seen it grow, go through and overcome moments of crisis and difficulty, along with the most young people who today with passion and dedication lead towards new goals.

The management believes in the team, is sensitive to the proposals and ideas of each of them, it stimulates the synergy, collaboration and sharing.

We dig deep into all aspects of our business in order to improve it, because we believe that only by looking deep we can continue to be a point of reference in our sector creating value and long-term trusting relationships.

The company looks to the future with passion and curiosity, there are many expansion and restructuring plans in progress, from the enlargement of the production site to the organizational system with the development of a culture and organizational climate.

Finally, together with its vocation for internationalization, SIP&T proudly preserves a special interest for the local territory, it is always attentive to the social, cultural and industrial dynamics where it is building over the years a relationship of reciprocity and cooperation. 




SIP&T team reflects the dual soul of the company that combines the experience with the innovation of the management and the leadership.

We work tirelessly to motivate our team and help it to grow and succeed.

Sales Team

We are the contact point with the customer. Our daily challenge is to built long-term trusting relationships with customers/partners, in Italy and abroad, by providing the best solutions for the drilling works, support for the purchase, personalization and post-sales assistance.

technical department

Technical Department

The department currently consistes of four technicians who can highly customize the products by the use of specific softwares. They are the technical heart of SIP&T, always very attentive to details and they are also the supporters and operators of the ERP transition, the new computerized management system.


Purchasing & Logistic

We are the heart of the process. We support the goals and the procedures of all departments and we work closely with suppliers, forwarders and engineering units to ensure high quality standards.

More than 20 years in sector Slide Achieved more than 80 m of excavation depth Slide More than 1000 beams produced in the last decade Slide More than 400 technical drawings produced every year Slide Over 100 nations in the trade network