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Labyrinth type Casings

Labyrinth joints are designed for quick coupling of double and single wall casings.SIP&T labyrinth casing joints are available for columns having an outer diameters from 600mm a to 3000mm and on request.
Joints thickness may vary from 30 to 75 mm, according to required casing diameters and to the soil features.

Coupling operations is made by placing coupling inserts into the recesses of female joint as inserts are especially designed to sustain the column during the extraction operations of the pipes. Joints are provided with torsion sectors on the male half joint to lock the joint coupling when torque is applied.

A further option for casing operation is the casing drive adapter, complete of half-joint to be applied directly to the rotary table of the base rig.


Generally we recommend DOUBLE WALL casings

Cutting Shoes

Casing colums are complete of cutting rings, which are equipped by changeable widia inserts or other type (on request).