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FDP Tool

FDP (Full Displacement Piles) is a pile-foundation technology caractherized by no soil removal. Compared to driven piles, drilling pile presents problem of the hall’s walls collapsing. The solution to this inconvenience requires the use of casings, bentonite and polymers. With the technology of compaction piles, the tool penetrates into the soil, loosens and thrusts it against the walls of the hole (a condition quite similar to the driven pile technology), but without waste material and therefore keeping clean the construction site. The absence of material removal, actually, requires that the soil’s volume be pushed laterally and in depth, improving the overall geo-technical resistance. It guarantees an excellent penetration into dense and inconsistent soils (especially sandy soils with density up to 65%; over this limit,compaction of inconsistent soils becomesdifficult) and hard cohesive soils (with sand and medium clay cohesion).

The main features are:

  1. Betek Tungstuds HB=900 on the flights
  2. Changeable pilot bit with round shank chisels  or fishtail
  3. Release concrete system 
  4. Different usable lenghts are available on request

Technical specifications

Pipemade in special steel ASTM 516/70 - hollow stem manufactured with single or double wall - double cutting head
Flightsmade in steel ASTM 516/70 · thickness = 30mm
EquipmentBetek teeth or round shank chisels · other on request
Heat treatment on couplingsmale or female hexagonal joint on the top