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Continuous Flight Augers

Continuous Flight Augers

CFA piles are a type of drilled foundation in which the pile is drilled to the final depth in one continuous process using a continuous flight auger.

Concrete is then pumped under pressure down the hollow stem of the auger to the bottom of the bore. Once pumping starts, the auger is progressively withdrawn bringing soils with it to the surface. When the auger and its load of soil are finally removed, reinforcement to meet the design requirement is placed in the concrete pile.

Continuous Flight Auger CFA piles are installed without significant vibration or excessive noise being produced. SIP&T produces different types of CFA couplings, for example 160 and 200 mm, designed according to the rotary torque, to the soil conditions and to the designed drilling depth.

CFA strings are provided with inner tube diameter 5″ and 6″ to fit concrete piping already installed on the base rigs. Of course others dimensions are available on request Coupling of CFA sections is by high resistance hexagonal, fully machined M/F joints, made of special case-hardened steel.

CFA column can be equipped with double start digging head for rock or for soil, supplied with interchangeable round shank chisels or teeth. Flights hedges are  weared by Tungstuds HB 900 or HB 600 hard faced ribbings.

Bottom or Lateral concrete outlet is provided with steel plug and recovery chain. Side exit can be supplied on request.




  • Lengths and diameters available on request
  • Hexagonal joints according to the type of rig (on request)
  • Central pipe with single or double skin (double pipe)