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The Automatic Casing Drive Adaptor is all designed in SIP&T

AUTO CDA can be used with any type of piling rig with the advantage to
  • increase safety on the job site;
  • speed up the operations.

This happens because the AUTO CDA reduces drastically a series of operations performed manually with the traditional systems. Consequently, dangers connected to the handling of the casings decreases as well as the huge amount of time necessary for joining manually the casings. The connection system represents an innovation in the cased piling construction.

By using the AUTO CDA, the operator can avoid all manual connections between drive adaptor and casing elements. Actually the operator collocation under the moving equipment (rotary head, twister, pipe etc.) could be highly dangerous.


To work safe and fast

Particular mechanical system, which allows to connect/disconnect it self the casings. It can be used on all machines for large vertical drilling. The system is able to:

  • increase safety and productivity in the execution of lining piles, thus eliminating danger and time wasted due to the manual phase of coupling;
  • connect the column casing to the driver without the use of human resources, therefore, directly from the operating cabin where they sit.

After long research and development, the system described has now reached the stage of serial production and is successfully used on many sites.