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Auto CDA: to work safe and fast!

Auto CDA

The Automatic Casing Drive Adaptor (Auto CDA) made by the SIP&T represents an interesting locking system for casings that can be used on all piling rigs and can increase the safety and productivity in the execution of cased piles, by avoiding any damages and loss of time caused by the manual locking phase. It is easy to use because its functioning is completely mechanic; the automatic driver will be locked to the casing column whenever the casings are going to be moved in/outside the borehole.

In that way the imperative “safety first” is respected, and also damages on the casings are excluded avoiding downtime and saving repair costs. Its affordability, customization, immediate deployment, easy maintainability and emergency system, guarantee a very high return on investment.

Why use the Auto CDA

During cased drilling operations (using casings) it is often necessary that some workers on site operate in high positions. Before starting the drilling operation, the casing elements must be fixed into the ground; for this purpose, the elements are connected by threaded bolts in a safe manner, in order to create the whole column.

The same column must be Read more