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Geovertical style

The current state road 106 Jonica has some infrastructural limitations. The work in progress aim to equip this artery with modern and safety works. Geovertical is protagonist in the construction of the bored piles and because of the difficult soil stratigraphy it has involved SIP&T for the supply of equipment capable to complete the work in the right way and on time. Bored piles have been installed using two hydraulic drilling machines: Comacchio CH650 and Bauer BG36 Premium Line with respectively max torque of 262/365 kNm, max drilling speed of 40/52 rpm, main winch pull of 250/376 kN, weight in working conditions of about 71/148 Ton. […]

The Importance of SIP&T Tools

Experts opinion is that SIP&T tools were crucial for the piles construction. Buckets and core barrels were supplied in the top of the range version with the equipment made by the industry leading company-Betek (Germany). The tool design is the evolution of years of experience in different construction sites in which the different performances have been collected and analyzed. The geometry of the cutting edges is …

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