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Certified quality
ISO 9001:2008
More than 100 nations in the trade network
Environmental care
129.629 kf of CO2 avoided in 2016

Towards the future. That’s where we are heading

We change.
We grow.
Towards the future.
That’s where we are heading.

Since 1996 we have been designing and manufacturing drilling tools and equipment for all types of soil conditions, in construction sites all over the world.We have come a long way so far, and today we are experiencing a fresh impulse, a profitable innovation, which is converting our enterprise from a craft firm into a more complex and modern company, from one generation to the next, through a sound natural process, we are developing the skills of our team: the real heart of our business.

The result is an articulated organization, with well-defined roles and responsibilities, enhanced by coaching and mentoring activities. We adopt the open innovation model: internal resources, external management, partners, Universities and local organizations contribute to achieving the Sip&t of tomorrow.

One of the aspects of this growth is the new headquarters, which is expanding the existing area by an additional 2500 square metres. 3 huge production facilities, an indoor storage and shipping area and 2 renewable energy generating plants. Our new offices will house up to 70 workstations; new production facilities and new spaces will be dedicated to research; mixed-use and relaxation areas: suitable working spaces will be the key to a better social interaction and will improve processes, quality, organization and performance.

A cultural hub made of technology, progress and ambition, where we do business and at the same time focus on the quality of life. Open-minded to the countless diversities of talents and skills, to create a replicable model of development, which improves and influences our region.