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Together we will RESTART

Sip&T launches the RESTART campaign to trust the future.

 We think that “Together” is the keyword of the RESTART.
Together we can create, we can optimize, we can find new paths.
Together we can really take care of others.

In this challenging time, when the health emergency is putting a strain on all countries, our team is working in synergy not to slow down the business and encourage the restart.
In this belief, we designed the best promotions to help our clients continue working on their projects.
The RESTART campaign includes special discount on stock inventory, sales promotion coupon on production line and a special price on Kelly Bars.
You can find out more on the RESTART page. Our sales team is ready to answer questions and give further information and support.

Moreover, we would like to do our bit to help out our community with meeting the most critical health challenges. With each purchase made in this promotional campaign, our clients will contribute to support our donation to Italian Red Cross volunteers who, every day, are on the front line by the side of the most vulnerable.

It’s the time to look after the present and plan the future.
All together.

Take a look to the RESTART: