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PRA-S line: new generation rock auger

The new rotary drilling tool developed by SIP&T represents an innovation in the field of large vertical piling. It is a new generation auger, completely re-designed and manufactured in order to offer higher drilling performance in very hard rock strata.

PRA-S Line in details

Designed to handle the most difficult drilling conditions, this auger is the evolution of years of drilling experience; it has been studied to work in very hard rock strata having a Compressive Strength more than 100 MPa. Auger main features are:

High and fast drilling capacity. 

Low and easy maintenance. 

High operational reliability. 

The PRA-S Line presents an alternative hard rock drilling method which is suitable to penetrate rock when conventional drill tools become either ineffective or reach refusal. Over the last year, many piling contractors are excavating linear meters of extremely high strength rock in excess of 200MPa compressive strength (UCS) using innovatively designed and built PRA-S Line.

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