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Challenge on the harbour front

Twister automatico e altri tools

With the Auto CDA, the casings and the rotary drilling tools used by R.C.M Costruzioni covered the lion’s share in the project for the development of the Port of Taranto.

We can talk about a typical example problem solving approach, thanks to tailor-made drilling tools that can handle the most difficult working conditions. This example is offered by Sip & T, the detailed examination of reconstruction of the head of the pier of San Cataldo, the first of the Port of Taranto, as part of a broader program of interventions already started that, in addition to the renewal and the improvement of the infrastructure, will allow to increment the number of public docks.

The complete functional recovery of the S. Cataldo pier aims to integrate the important role entrusted to the entire Darsena Taranto within the complex of initiatives, undertaken by the Municipality of Taranto and the AdSP MI, which will affect the regeneration of physical architecture and the portcity interaction systems in the next three years and which they aspire to open and connect the port to the urban area in a sustainable and inclusive perspective, in order to generate positive effects for the local economy, also strengthening the natural vocation of Taranto as “Sea Capital City” as a tourist and cruise destination of the Mediterranean.

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