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The new rotary drilling tool developed by SIP&T represents an innovation in the field of large vertical piling. It is a new generation auger, completely re-designed and manufactured in order to offer higher drilling performance in very hard rock strata.
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The experience gained in over 25 years of activity allows the Italian manufacturer to stand out in the production of rotary tools. Its wide product range includes stop-end-element to satisfy companies needs operating in the field of special foundations for the construction of diaphragms walls.
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At the center of constant reasearch on the evolution of the Sip&T human resources performances is always the training, and that’s why, recently, in our company has started the project “Labelling” that consists in labeling, indeed,of everyday objects, used as we work, have a coffee with colleagues or while we are in meeting. The aim...
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The innovative AUTO CDA work in a German construction site. SIP&T continues its tireless work of strengthering in German market thanks to the invaluable support of its dealer BBD Spezialtiefbau und Baumaschinen Vertriebs GmbH.  
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The synergy between the SIP & T with the American company Hammer & Steel involved in the rental and sale of concrete and with the equipment of German brand Delmag.
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